David "Crockett" Creswell Gus Zaharris Charlie "3 Speed" Hambrick "Red Head Jeff" Hutchinson "Big Walt" Montz Jim Donahue "Big Ernie" Slowikowski Donnie Stewart Don Quigg Paul "Boogie" Clark "Jim Buck" Nooft Tony Moyer John "Bubba" Schrenker "Shaggie Lou" Edwards Joe "Cotton" Lillibridge Jeff "Jeffro" Kirchner Tony Mcquay

Chris Beam

John "Rexall" Miller Dave "Birdman" Lewis Don "Rev" Hogan Sr. John "Topper" Duff Jack Mongan Greg Kocyan Denny Hayes Charles "Big Sam" Samsel Stanley "Mickey" Griffin Mark Creel Gary Lambert Kenny "Ridge Runner" Ramage Richard "Taz" Wilt Gary Nejus Ernie Trimble Gary "Sniffer" Senft
03/12/41 - 04/08/08
Mark "Marco" Lynch
10/06/52 - 09/07/08
Anthony "Sprout" Ballistreri Earle "Big Easy" Cummings
08/21/43 - 04/08/09
William "Chief" Hilbun
06/02/54 - 11/15/10
Robert "Rebel" Marth

D’Arcy "Spanky" Scott Willey
02/08/45 - 05/03/11

Dennis "Woody" Wipprecht Sr.
04/29/51 - 06/19/13

Michael "2Pie" Radcliffe
07/10/74 - 06/30/13

Keith Vanik
10/16/57 - 02/13/14

Frank "Mule" Downes Sr
10/28/57 - 09/24/2016

"Little John" Yeager

William "Melon" Mueller

"Biker Tom" Crusse

Brothers Gone, But Never Forgotten.                      

We would not be where we are today if not for the past dedication of these Brothers. They'll always be remembered.
Rest in Peace.



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