We never set out to start the Fat-Boy organization.  It sort of evolved from a small group of friends, family and associates that ate, slept, worked and played together into a tight-knit alliance of brothers, bikers and non-bikers that respected deserving clubs and individuals, and demanded the same in return.  Our goal was simply to have a good time and experience what life had to offer and to be there for our Brothers, whatever the need...and we did just that.  The early years centered around "Fat Matt" and his Harley MC shop in SW Baltimore.  He was the central hub and organizer of many of our early efforts.

        About our name, the Fat-Boys was a name more or less given to us by friends outside the alliance.  In the beginning, the "Rude Crew", as we sometimes referred to ourselves, had the look of your stereotypical "bikers", lots of hair, tattoos, H-D's, etc., and were sometimes linked or thought to be associated with one of the 1% clubs in the Baltimore area at the time.  Of course we weren't and would quickly set the record straight.  We always referred to the then notorious club as "The Boys", for no particular reason and when questions of our relationship to them would arise, we would respond with, "No, we're not the Boys."  One day an  inquiring person said, "Well if you're not the Boys, you must be the Fat-Boys!"....The name stuck.

        Our numbers have grown over the years from a dozen or so to well into 3 figures.  Our motto from day one has been, "Quality, not Quantity", and we've stuck to that, weeding out the deadwood over the years.  We don't solicit new members and a membership drive you'll never see.  An interested party must approach us, find a suitable sponsor and be voted in after a 1 year probationary period.  Our general meetings are every other month with special meetings called as needed.

        We incorporated in 1995, established by-laws and formed our agenda.  Although more formal than our past, these moves were deemed necessary to keep us on course and to achieve our goals.  We, as an organization are here to stay as our roots grow deeper into the counties and states we call home, and although we may be friends or associates to many individuals and organizations, we take great pride in our independence and are affiliated with no one. We are and will always be the “ Fat-Boys”.